Cultivating The Success Mindset

What Is A Success Mindset?


Fred Gerein

Freedom To Excel CEO and Founder Fred Gerein introduces the concept of the success mindset. Years of childhood programming can adversely effect the way we think about ourselves and how we achieve goals. Feelings of self-worth and the ability to push through times of adversity to a specific goal are essential

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7 Steps To Freedom


Vick Strizheus

Truly one of the best courses you can take to set yourself up for short term and long term financial success. This training is a springboard to getting focused with very specific things you need to do to put yourself in a positive position for controlling your future and building wealth and legacy for yourself and for your family. If you're new to the task of success planning or have struggled in the past then your really don't want to miss this

The Strangest Secret In The World


Earl Nightingale

In this classic audio recording by Earl Nightingale, he reveals the timeless truths that have prevented man from achieving success throughout the ages. These may be some of the most important truths you have ever heard. Most of our schools and institutes of higher learning have failed in teaching us these fundamental steps to create a better future for all who diligently apply them.

Run time: 32 minutes

You Have Greatness Within You


Les Brown

Les Brown reminds us the "we are worthy" and no amount of oppression, depression or regression will hold you back if you focus on your goals. Your greatness is an untapped well that will lift you up as well as those around you and will take you to blessings you never expected or even imagined.

Run time: 60 minutes.

One Habit That Will Change Your Life


Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor talks about one of the single most important changes we can make to positively effect the rest of our lives. Watch how this veteran speaker reveals a life changing concept that will have a ripple effect in your life that can change your world for the better.

Run time: 15 minutes.

How To Get What You Want


Zig Ziglar

In this timeless audio recording, The Texas prophet of positivity, Zig Ziglar, talks about the urgency of planning and how to accomplish more in one day than you have typically accomplished in one week.

Run time: 58 minutes.