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Prosperity is the joyful result of striving to bring value to others.

A snap shot view of my personal history.

I grew up on the prairies in a very small community in Western Canada. Our entire hamlet boasted a population of less than 60 inhabitants including our large family. My Dad was an entrepreneur and business owner and my Mom was a stay at home house wife. I have nine siblings and I loved the competition of having that many brothers and sisters.

I enjoyed working in the small business that my family had it always intrigued me how you could make some good money very quickly by making a sale. I worked with my Father for years after my regular work day to assist him with his gas station business. The business was not big enough in the early years to support a paid staff member. All of us in the family worked on and in the business in some capacity.

One challenge of living in an isolated community is the lack of coaching and mentoring. I loved sports, playing both baseball and hockey at an early age right up to the senior leagues and always enjoying the competition. The desire to take my sports and work life to an elite level was always there.

For more than forty years I have been employed in the oilfield. The work has varied greatly from driving semi- trailer to manufacturing and assembly.

During those years I was very interested in specialized training away from my regular work day. Topics I studied were: real estate, mortgages, currency trading, stock trading, mutual funds and how to put that all together for multiple streams of income. I currently am in a Real Estate Group that meets once a month. I have studied online and affiliate marketing for over 3 years now and it has changed my life.

My main objective is to encourage entrepreneurs to become focused on what they love and move forward with action. Action is the only way to put your plan in place and keep it moving.

The Ultimate Action: Jesus Christ went to the Cross For Your Sins and Mine So that we May be Saved.

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You may be asking by now, Fred, what does your past have to do with helping me in the present? The joys and struggles of my past have taught me:

  • Helping people is the most satisfying human endeavor.
  • Ethical business practices are essential. 
  • Anyone who is willing to work should not have to struggle to make a living.
  • Everyone who reads this is important and deserves consideration.
  • Real concern in helping people should involve guiding them to avoid the mistakes you have made in the past.
  • Wisdom is ultimately a joyful path but it can still be a struggle to stay on it.
  • Your imagination and creativity should make your living because everyone is gifted with unique talents.
  • Opportunities flow through our lives like a constant river if we have the training and appreciation of where they are. 

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