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Built in "Ready Made" email lists that connect to hundreds of thousands instantly

Pre-Written and Pre-Approved Emails designed to get real traffic to any offer you choose

Complete Email Marketing training shows you how to choose an offer and start generating sales immediately,

Simply choose your niche, tell us how many of our subscribers you want to send the email to, choose a pre-written and proven email, enter the site you want the traffic to be sent to and push SEND to start generating real email traffic immediately!

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The Cliqly List Building System...


Learn How You Can Build A Huge Email List

At a Fraction Of The Cost


1) You Need A List of Subcribers the larger the better.

2) You Need A Way to Email Your List For A Low cost with an easy and effective interface that anyone can use.

3) You Need A Way to Monetize Your List so you can make money.

The Cliqly System Has All Three In The Same Platform making it easy to build a list, mail to the list and make money.

What 3 Things Do I Have To Do To Make Money With Email?

Build your Email List.

List Building the old-fashioned way is very slow and very expensive. Cliqly gives you a way to build a large live email list that is current and reachable.

Send email to your list.

Once you have a list, hosting and mailing costs can be high especially if you are mailing to very large list. With Cliqly getting email into the inbox of your customers is job one.

Monetize your list.

Monetizing is a fancy way of saying making money. Cliqly gives you more than one option to make money and you are always in control.

Cliqly List Building System

Cliqly List Building System

  • You can make money sending emails from one platform.

  • Very few moving parts and no duct taping apps together to run an online business.

  • The time investment is a fraction of what most online businesses require.

  • No time specific maintenance fees for subscriptions. You build your list at your rate.

  • Unlimited contact hosting that are huge costs on other platforms.


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This is truly the new revolution for email marketing which continues to be

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*Take a vacation

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*Pay old bills

*Save some money

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*Buy a car

*Give more to my favorite charity

*Take more training

*Stop living paycheck to paycheck

*Invest for the future

*Spend less time working away from home

*Just give myself and others a little more freedom